Do You Shop on Amazon?

Did you know that Lynn and Jade is on too? :)
Do You Shop on Amazon?

Well we sure do! Lynn and Jade mom here, and I am not ashamed to say that I am an avid shopper haha! It's really because I am such a last minute person and wait until the last minute to buy what I need. Are you like this too???

WELL GUESS WHAT! We're on Amazon for those who are like me, and sometimes need things quick, fast and in a hurry :)

You might be asking "So which items can I get on Amazon?". Well I'm so glad you asked! You can find the following black unicorn and black mermaid items by Lynn and Jade on Amazon and they will ship FREE with 2-day Prime shipping. 

Click any of the links below to purchase yours on Amazon...

ALL Melani Magic & Friends Unicorn Poster Sets - $14.97

Melani Magic Balloon Set - $14.97

Marli Mermaid Poster Set - $14.97

Happy shopping!


Lynn and Jade