Sharing the beauty of African history with children...

Sharing the beauty of African history with children...

Intentionality is an important part of the Lynn and Jade brand. Sharing the beauty of African culture with Maya and Jadyn has nurtured their love of learning, travel, and encourages them to celebrate the differences in the people around them.

African history is a fascinating journey through ancient civilizations, diverse cultures, and inspiring leaders. From the mighty pyramids of Egypt to the trading empires of West Africa, children discover the richness and creativity of African heritage. They learn about influential figures like Nelson Mandela, who fought against apartheid, and the brave Queen Amina of Nigeria. African history reveals a legacy of resilience, overcoming challenges like colonialism and promoting independence movements. Kids explore vibrant art, music, and traditions, appreciating the continent's contributions to global culture. By embracing African history, children foster empathy, respect for diversity, and a broader understanding of the world's interconnected past.

Want to help nurture an appreciation of diverse cultures in your child? Our Africa Match game is GREAT way to start! 

  • It's a 2-in-1 Africa themed match game and bingo game in one.
  • Comes with 2 bonus Africa themed activity book downloads, that are perfect for keeping the kids busy
  • Awesome for the entire family, Best for ages 3-6


XO, Lynn and Jade